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Pic Collage is a photo-editing app to create stylized collages using your photos and lots of different tools to get super entertaining results.

The process to create the collages is very simple: just tap the screen where you want to add a picture and specify if you want to create the photo from scratch or load it from your device's memory.

Besides adding pictures, Pic Collage lets you insert different images like hearts, moustaches, and other kinds of similar clip art. Also, you can easily change the default corkboard background where the photos will be shown.

With Pic Collage, it's very easy to change the layout of your photos, as you can rotate and enlarge your photos at will and choose between different templates.

Pic Collage is a very simple and entertaining photo editing app thanks to which you can create cool collages in a matter of seconds.

Requires Android 2.3.3.

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